Southern Star Award

Nomination Due No Later Than: March 12, 2019

At some time or another in our various Scouting careers, we have come across Leaders who “stand out” because of their dedication or some other unique ability. The Southern Stars Award is presented to those leaders who during the past year have given that extra bit of enthusiasm, which is so much a part of a successful pack, troop, or crew program. This is YOUR opportunity to help us recognize those Leaders who have made your experience as a Scouter better . . . better just because you have been able to witness this person’s devotion to Scouting.


We ask you to please fill out the information below and email to Kim Shannon at [email protected] or Blake Erikcon at [email protected]  or print and return to Jeff Earles – District  Chair,  or Troy Billings  or Rose Little – District Commissioner by March 12, 2019. These awards (ten will be awarded) will be announced and presented at the Southern Skies District Dinner.

If your nominee is selected, you should ensure they come to the District Dinner. Thank you for your assistance!

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