May Roundtable

District Round Table

 7:00 pm to 8:pm

 Eagleview Elementary, New Market

Agenda May 2018 Roundtable

First, we’re going to have an inflatable archery range on site so you can see how much space they need, how they work, learn how to reserve them, and also see how well you can aim! They are available to reserve through our council FOR FREE to help support your recruitment efforts.

Next, we’re going to have a special breakout for all the packs who were unable to have a representative attend the recruitment training at University of Scouting on April 21 or the separate training on April 24. We will cover unit goals to earn the incentive (tickets to the Crayola Experience for your WHOLE pack), how to recruit over the summer, and how to prepare for the fall to be successful.

Cub Scout leaders will also have a breakout to discuss Duty, Respect, and Honor. Boy Scout and Venturing leaders will go over Girls in Scouts BSA (the new name for the “Boy Scout” program, not replacing “Boy Scouts of America” as the name of our organization), as well as discussing camping and reviewing the year.

If your unit has a summertime recruitment and would like wristbands, stickers, or trading cards, let me know and I will bring a supply with me.

Finally, for those who would like to join in a social gathering after Roundtable, you are encouraged to join us at Firehouse Grille (it’s right on your way out of town); please bring a non-uniform shirt. They have sodas, teas, and adult beverages available for purchase (and sometimes food).

That wraps up the big things, looking forward to seeing you! Announcements begin at 7:00 pm in Eagle View Elementary.

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