February Roundtable

District Round Table

 7:00 pm to 8:pm

This is a quick reminder about our upcoming Roundtable on February 13 at 7:00 pm in Eagle View Elementary School

There are a few big things to note:

-      We will have several guests from across the council to host a Fireside Chat.  This is a great opportunity to express gratitude, constructive criticism, and keep updated on big topics.

-      Crayola Experience tickets for units who reached their 2017 recruitment goals will be available!  We are not allowed to mail these so please have a representative from your unit if possible.  If no one can make it, please let me know and we will make other arrangements.

-      Webelos Transition lists will be available.  We have one list per pack.  I strongly encourage you to make sure to pick them up or have your Unit Commissioner, nearby Scoutmaster, or friend in Scouting grab your copy.

-      Don’t forget to sign in on the laptops when you arrive!  Surveys are sent out shortly after Roundtable and we strongly consider that feedback when looking to improve the Roundtable experience.  We appreciate your time to give us the gift of feedback!


Cub Scouts will have a breakout to discuss including girls in Scouting and working with youth with special needs.  Boy Scout leaders (including SPLs!) will have a breakout to discuss annual planning, the patrol method, and working with Troopleader.


This is also a great time to return the form for your unit letting us know your intentions about Scouting.  Even if you don’t have the official form filled out, we would like an unofficial idea of which units are intending to proceed in which ways.  If you need the official form, please let me know and I can send it your way.


In March, we are planning to host a Midway featuring vendors and things to do with your unit.  Cub Scouts will have a breakout covering pack and den behavior (and more updates about including girls).  Boy Scouts will start their discussion about girls being involved in troops in 2019.

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