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Whether you're new to Scouting or you've been involved for years, you've probably heard people talk about "Roundtables." What is a Roundtable? When is it? Where? Should I be going? Is the table actually round?

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What is a Roundtable?

Roundtables are monthly gatherings for all the Scouting volunteers in a district. A district, if you don't already know, is the way we divide up Scouting territories led by a team of volunteers. Many districts are geographically divided, while others have a specific focus that brings volunteers and Scouts together, such as language or culture.

Roundtables are opportunities for all Scouting volunteers in an area to get together and share ideas, plan programs, and talk about upcoming events. It's also a place to pick up program materials and attend trainings or workshops. At every Roundtable, you will meet people who have attended for years and people who are there for the first time.

This sounds fun! When and Where is Roundtable?

It depends on your district. Roundtable is once a month, held in a central location. Each month we'll publish the discussion topics and links to related pages and documents along with current meeting locations; look under 'Things to Know' on this page for the link. You can also visit Geographic Territory page in the related pages section to find your district website which should have more information.

Should I be going?

Yes! Roundtable is for everyone. We especially encourage at least one volunteer from every pack, every troop, and every crew attend monthly. Some Roundtables have over 150 volunteers in one evening!

Is the table actually round?

Well, usually there are too many people present for everyone to fit around one table. But yes, all Roundtables do feature time for group discussion and sharing ideas.

District Volunteer

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 Roundtable Commissioner
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