District Events: Next 90 Days

  • Scouting At Home
    Scouting from Home

    We're going to do our best to provide tips, tricks, and ideas for how you can do Scouting from home or during social distancing!

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  • 2020 Jamboree on the Internet Special Edition
    Special Jamboree on the Air

    A jamboree for radio enthusiasts.

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  • 2020 Hickey Golf Classic
    Hickey Golf Classic

    38th Annual, proceeds from the event benefit Special Needs and At Risk Scouting programs.

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  • 2020 Grey Wolf NYLT
    Grey Wolf

    The course is designed around a model troop/crew's month.

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  • 2020 Spring University of Scouting Cancellation Notice

    Our University of Scouting is a fun-filled, hands-on, experience-laden opportunity to network with other Scouters, and is truly a learning adventure for new or experienced Scouters.

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